Social Media Marketing Simply Done





Why Social Media Marketing is Important

Social media is a direct line of communication with consumers that have already stated their interest in a product, lifestyle, or service.  There are many ways to keep that consumer interested and one of which is Social Media. Through content creation, curation, product placements, influencer partnerships, and paid promotion, you will soon be visually communicating with your audience in a digital market.



When launching a brand, offering a service, selling a product, or even throwing an event, all are important to be captured for social media. By having one person dedicated to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, social media is one less thing to worry about from day to day. Danielle has also contributed photography to brands such as Bentley Motors, Husqvarna Motorcycles, and more. Through photography, videography and graphic design an impactful brand story will be told. If you need content created, or your brands existing content simply posted to social media on a regular basis, please scroll down to Services + Rates.



When the project surpasses natural light photography, Danielle has a knack for pulling your vision together. Producing photo and video shoots can be tricky in LA. From pulling permits, to transporting a product (in my case typically luxury vehicles) there are a lot of moving pieces! Not to mention the shots list, video script, hiring the crews, and models, and getting everyone on set ready to go. No detail is left untouched to properly tell a compelling message. If you need content produced for your brand, please scroll down to Services + Rates.



Social Media Curation | $750/mo

Photography Content Creation | $600/half day | based on 0 - 6 hours

Photography Content Creation | $1,000/day | greater than 6 hours

Photography Event Coverage | TBD per project

Social Media Event Coverage | $300/half day | based 0 - 6 hours

Social Media Event Coverage | $500/day | greater than 6 hours

Photoshoot/Video Coordination | TBD per project


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